S.J.R. Master Study Resolution (Sen. Okerlund, R.)

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S.J.R. Master Study Resolution (Sen. Okerlund, R.)

Postby David Nelson » Wed 12 Mar 2014 3:10 pm

S.J.R. 20 “Master Study Resolution” (Sen. Okerlund, R.) (http://le.utah.gov/~2014/bills/static/SJR020.html) was published today and includes, so far, as interim-committee study items:

...108. Civil Rights Restoration -- to study all nonviolent felonies to determine when a person may become eligible for various civil rights to be restored.


132. Weapons Restrictions -- to study weapons restrictions on veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder but have not gone through a formal commitment hearing, when they are “listed” as mentally defective according to the opinion of a United States Department of Veterans Affairs doctor without having gone through due process.
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