Megaplex Theaters at the Junction Ogden Utah

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Re: Megaplex Theaters at the Junction Ogden Utah

Postby Car Knocker » Wed 25 Jul 2012 8:17 pm

DaKnife wrote:So if you want to see a first run blockbuster in IMAX, that's the theater to go see it at because the building is owned by the city and thus no firearm restrictions can be enforced.

I don't know if the Clark IMAX Theater is a government entity. If it is a private company leasing city/county property, then it may be able to legally prohibit firearms.

Several years ago, David Nelson had an issue with an organization that had rented Washington Square for an event and prohibited firearms at the event. The City Attorney held that the lessee had the authority to prohibit firearms at that event, even though it was held on city property. It sounds like one of those issues that, at some time, should be adjudicated to determine exactly what a lessee can legally mandate on Utah government property.

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Re: Megaplex Theaters at the Junction Ogden Utah

Postby DaKnife » Thu 26 Jul 2012 3:03 pm

Re-Read the passage I quoted in my last post.

The Clark Planetarium is the public part of that Unique Public and Private partnership.

The Clark Planetarium is a government owned and funded entity, paid for with the ZAP taxes. A grant from the Clark foundation helped fund the construction and bought the Name, instead of it remaining the Hansen Planetarium.

This quote
Clark Planetarium is a Division of Salt Lake County. Download our official privacy statement, as required by GRAMA (Government Records Access and Management Act). In summary, while Clark Planetarium does request and collect personal information, such as name, address, phone number(s), email(s), and does receive credit card information in the transaction of daily business; it is our policy to NOT share, sell, or make available this information to businesses, non-profit organizations or the general public.

is from the Planetarium's "About Us" page on their website.

It's a county owned and operated facility, LHM Megaplex corp runs the ticket sales for first run movies on the IMAX but it's still a publicly owned facility. And thus pre-empted from having any firearm restrictions by the Uniform Firearms Law.

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