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This is where to post the names of places to boycott because they have anti-gun, anti-freedom stances or policies. Any posts advocating boycotts must explain the reasons for the boycotts including, if possible, documentary proof, such as links to business web sites or news articles.

Re: American Express

Postby muddy » Tue 20 Nov 2012 6:24 am

carracer wrote:Businesses in the following industries are excluded: government agencies, charities, non-profits, trade associations, shopping property management firms, political, religious and educational organizations. Small businesses that are part of a franchise brand with more than 100 stores are excluded. Additionally, if a franchise brand has more than 20 corporate-owned units, then the entire brand is excluded. Small businesses that promote any of the following are not eligible for the Program: pharmaceuticals, drugs, politics, pornography or sexual aids, diet aids, gambling, liquor, tobacco, firearms/weapons, or any sensitive topic with respect to current events.

Yes it sucks that they excluded firearms but its not like they singled them out as they also excluded pharmaceuticals, drugs, politics, pornography or sexual aids, diet aids, gambling, liquor, and tobacco. I don't see this as a big deal or an attack on our rights and the close to $1000 I get back every year from AMEX out weights this. Now if they stated that I could not purchase firearms or the excluded items with there card I would drop them.
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Re: American Express

Postby Guerilla » Tue 20 Nov 2012 8:49 am

Support your 2.5k local American Express employees :) And I don't see that reloading supplies are being restricted :wink: Also there is a limited amount of entries who qualify for the promo I think it was 200k last year and then was moved to 400k due to high demand. I have to go read all the rules and maybe il get to chat to some of the Small Business Saturday leaders and get the scoop on why there are restrictions on Weapons. I would guess its the legal department, compliance and politics. If you allow sex toys then all the good God obiding citizens will complain why Amex is giving out free dildo's, if you alow weapons then all the liberals will be crying foul why is amex supporting weapons trade, ..... and so on. One thing you learn is someone is allways [auto-filtered] about something. Be happy you are getting $25.00 for free and buy yourself and kids something on someone elses tab for a change. :thumbsup:
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Re: American Express

Postby Jesse 8 » Tue 20 Nov 2012 3:01 pm

Guerilla wrote:Support your 2.5k local American Express employees :)

I just applied for an Amex card today. My mom is a programmer for them :thumbsup:
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