For Trade: Utah Jazz tickets for your guns!

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For Trade: Utah Jazz tickets for your guns!

Postby UnderratedF00l » Fri 25 Oct 2013 12:08 pm

Are you a Utah Jazz fanatic? Yeah, me too.

Are you a gun nut? Yeah, me too.

I have season tickets to the Utah Jazz, and I’d be willing to trade some tickets for guns. If you have a gun that’s been sitting in the safe gathering dust, maybe we can make a trade…? I'll give you tickets to the games you want in exchange for the gun you don’t want.

The seats are in the upper bowl, section 109, row 6, seats 7 and 8 (together). They have a killer view of the court, and the new HD video boards are pretty spectacular. The picture below is taken from the seats. The sticker price on the tickets is $25 dollars each, and I can sell them all day long at $20 bucks each (or $40 dollars for two tickets per game). So, for your $500 dollar gun, I’d be willing to give you 2 tickets to your choice of 13 games (the equivalent of $520 dollars-worth of tickets).

At this point, any and all games are on the trading table, so you can pick and choose which games you want. All tickets will be delivered electronically via FlashSeats, which is a very cool and efficient system.

I’m interested in just about any hand guns or long guns of any type/caliber, but I will be more selective with wheel guns, as I already posses a pretty large collection. Send me a message and we'll see what we can work out.

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