Insulation Material liquidation sale (St. George)

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Insulation Material liquidation sale (St. George)

Postby RustyShackleford » Mon 05 Oct 2015 2:24 pm

We sold our insulation business several months ago but still have some insulation material left we need to move out of our storage shed.
So for anyone in the St. George area come and get it. I have this priced less for than what we paid for it as a contractor. and way less/sq.ft. than you will find at Lowes or Home Depot.

Call Larry @ 435-680-6305

Currently what we have is as follows (as of today): or go directly to ad for a current list

Insulation Liquidation: priced well below contractor prices. (about 50% less than local home improvement store prices) (**discount if all purchased)

We are liquidating our remaining stock of building/home insulation. Quantities are limited to what is on hand. Material is new and in original packaging, Batt insulation is mostly all CertainTeed Brand. Please call or text with any question.
(K= Kraft faced Batt, U= Unfaced Batt)

ITEM / (Price pkg ea.) ((Price/Sq.ft.) {Quantity or units available}

R-13 15" U or K wide, 125.94sf../..$30.00...((abt. 24 cents/sf)).{7 kraft, 5 Unfaced}

R-19 15" wide U, 88.13sf../..$30.00 . . .. . .((abt. 34 cents/s.ft.))........{6 pkgs}

R-19 15" wide K, 87.19sf../..$30.00 . . ...((abt 34 cents/s.f.))......... {2 pkgs}

R-19 23" wide K, 138sf.../..$45.00 . . .....((32.6 cents/s.f.)). . .. . .. . .. {10 pkgs}

R-30 24" wide U, 88sf (open pkg.)/$30.00 . ((34 cents/s.f.)) .... {1 pkgs}

R-38 16" wide U, 58.66.../..$35.00 . . .. . .((abt 60 cents/s.f.))......... {1 pkgs}

R-38 24" wide U, 64sf... ./..$40.00 .......((62.5 cents/s.f.))......... {6 pkgs}

Loosefill Blowing Fiberglass
Certainteed InsulsafeSP 30# bag $15.00 ........... {4 bags}

Total Price for all above = $1,415.00. . listed
**< $165.00 > Discount if you purchase all material
$1,250.00 for all
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