Personal Trainer Looking For A Trade

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Personal Trainer Looking For A Trade

Postby Potatohd » Mon 13 Jun 2016 3:12 pm

Hey everybody!
Unfortunately it has been a really long time since I have written due to life getting busy and having to buy other things besides guns. :) But, about 18 months ago I became a certified personal trainer and started doing that as a side job to my actual profession of being an electrical engineer. So, that brings me to my point:

I can now offer a trade of services (personal training) for guns! I live in Logan and work at the Freemotion Facility gym (on 10th West). See the website below. ... mike-orme/

I'm honestly pretty flexible in what I would be willing to take in return for the personal training (either coming to one of my daily classes or working with each other one on one on specific goals and with more accountability and personalization), and pretty upset that it didn't dawn on me to do this earlier. Like I said, I am open to any offers. I love handguns as well as long guns; and I still need a 1911 in the collection. I guess I am also in the market for a child's single-shot bolt-action .22 to start taking my kids out. I know they are relatively cheap, but I could get you like 2-3 months membership in a class for that. Anyways, if you live in the area, want to get more in shape or just start working out, and have a gun to spare, I would love to help you out! Thanks!

*I should note that I can only offer services for trade to one person at a time (gym rule).
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