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Re: Frontrunner

Postby JoeSparky » Sat 08 Dec 2012 10:33 pm

jaredbelch wrote:
JoeSparky wrote:I had intended to do this today, but didn't get it done.... seems like others and me are both pleased for if i'd have been there the waits would have been one person longer!

Yes thank you for not going ;-) as it was I had to fight push and shove to get people to let me off the train...
I almost went for a longer than anticipated ride with half my family stranded at the station without keys to the car.

I got stuck after my wife and son were able to squeeze past the two strollers and all the people sitting on the stairs and in the aisles, luckily the attendant was paying attention when I loudly asked people to make a hole and she held the door for me. It's hard navigating a car seat around crowds but I got it done :-)

Swinging the car seat CAN make larger holes!!!!! LOL :lol2:
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