Cops, Thuggery and the Thin Blue Line

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Cops, Thuggery and the Thin Blue Line

Postby bumpylight » Fri 01 Jan 2016 4:16 pm

In a long prefatory note, it may be observed that I'm extremely anti-corruption and extremely anti-thug. Cops who murder, injure or even or falsely arrest innocent citizens need to be forcibly arrested and violently thrown into prison to serve hard, hard time. I'm ticked off that the great majority of cops protect their own to the extent of covering up for truly ugly crimes. For example, the lying scumbag pigs who viciously murdered Erik Scott in Las Vegas in 2010 and then made up an imaginary tale to cover their savage violence are evidently still running around free, walking balls of hair-trigger reflexes. They have paid zero price for cold-blooded murder. The latest mass murder by cops of members of a gang of admittedly scuzzy bikers and other, considerably less scuzzy people at Waco, Texas, covered as it is by a thick blanket of extreme corruption, goes still further in raising the stink to high heaven. :raisedbrow:

Bob Owens wrote:[....]

This matches up with several other eyewitness claims that officers William Mosher, Joshua Stark, and Thomas Mendiola fired nearly immediately after shouting conflicting commands at Scott, giving him little or no time to respond. Four other witnesses within 20 feet of the store's entrance all agree that Scott never brandished a weapon or made a move that could be interpreted as brandishing a weapon.

A coroner's inquest is to be held next week, but the outcome seems foreordained. In the past 34 years, only one Metro officer has ever been found to have acted improperly out of at least 190 inquests, and that officer wasn't charged with a crime.

[....] ... rik-scott/

William B. Scott wrote:My eldest son, Erik Scott, might be alive today if Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers had been required to wear body cameras in the summer of 2010, when Erik was shot to death. Officer William Mosher—who panicked and shot my son as Erik and his girlfriend calmly walked out the door of a Costco—had already killed one man, in his first five years on the Metro force. Erik’s shooting was ruled “justified” because Costco security system video was destroyed via collaboration between local Costco personnel and Metro detectives. That evidence would have proven Erik was murdered in cold blood. With no video data, a coroner’s inquest jury had no alternative but to accept the blatantly false accounts of on-scene police officers.

[....] ... ras-116902

Jeff Knox wrote:[....]

As Scott and his girlfriend fell in with other patrons flowing out of the exit door, the Loss Prevention Officer who started the whole mess pointed toward Scott and a police officer at the door suddenly began yelling 'Stop! I said Stop! Drop the gun! Get on the ground! Get on the ground!'

He fired these conflicting commands in quick succession giving Scott no opportunity to comply with any of them and then fired two rounds at Scott’s chest. As the officer began yelling and Scott realized he was the subject of the commands, he turned, lifting his hands, and apparently tried to follow the legal requirement to immediately inform an officer that he was an armed weapons permit holder, but he didn’t have time.

The officer’s frantic orders lasted for a slow count of 3 and were immediately followed by the two gunshots, a momentary pause, and a volley of several more shots. There was no pause or hesitation between the commands and the shots. The first round struck Erik Scott in the heart, the second hit his right thigh. As he collapsed to the ground, two other officers fired 5 more shots into his back. Numerous witnesses reported that they saw Scott turn and declare that he was a permit holder. Many said they could see both of his hands and that he made no threatening move. All agreed that the only gun they saw was the one in Scott’s waistband on his right hip.

Other witnesses reported that they saw Scott’s body removed by EMTs and saw nothing on the ground except blood and a cell phone, or sun glasses. EMTs reported that they removed Scott’s gun and holster from the waistband of his jeans in the ambulance and that they saw no other gun, yet, after police broke into Scott’s apartment and confiscated the firearms there, the story came out that Scott was carrying two guns that day.

[....] ... g-firearm/

Brian Doherty wrote:I've been reporting information that casts doubt on the official police story of what supposedly happened outside the Waco restaurant Twin Peaks back in May—a mad biker gun-firing melee shut down by brave cops—for months now.

A reporter from GQ who got to spend some face to face time down in the area with eyewitnesses tells pretty much the same story that seems likely to me: a situation where at best a shot or two from biker on biker led to a brutal police massacre of the innocent—9 dead, 18 wounded (GQ reports 20, but on the day of the event the reported wounded was 18)—followed by face-saving illegitimate arrests of 177.

[....] ... paints-a-p

Nonetheless, a free society must have police, preferably strictly governed by iron rules about not being strutting thugs. More than that, quite a few of the cops on the street are remarkably decent people who truly want to serve and protect. The so-called "code of silence" is an extreme problem that still must be addressed, but I'll pass by that to move on to the point of this post, which is to call out a very good piece on the thin line between civilization and the kind of lawless disorder that has sown illimitable horror and misery and death in Somalia, the Congo and other hellholes.

Mike McDaniel wrote:[....]

“Chain-reaction brawls involving up to 2,000 people erupted in one of Kentucky’s largest malls Saturday night, forcing the entire mall and businesses in the surrounding area to shut down, police said.

Notice that six local officers were already present at the Mall, and under normal circumstances, that would have been sufficient. The call for backup brought an additional 50 officers from five agencies within reasonable driving distance. That may sound like a great many officers, but once the “disturbances” began and began to feed off each other, it wasn’t nearly enough. Many times that number would probably have been inadequate.


Translation: A flash mob showed up and became bigger and bigger and bigger. As the mob quickly recognized there weren’t nearly enough police to actually control or arrest them, they called even more flash mobbers. Eventually, all the police could do was run from fight to fight, struggling to get through the crowds of honest people and delighted thugs, taking as many officers with them as they could, and as soon as they arrived, the fighting thugs would melt into the crowd and another disturbance would break out somewhere else. There was surely rampant shoplifting and other theft going on, but the police aren’t reporting that–probably at the request of Mall management–for fear of encouraging another attack on the Mall.


The most experienced and tactically adept officers knew that if they started shooting, and if they didn’t lose their handguns, after they shot enough, the rest would either run, or the crowd of thugs, provoked to blood rage, would rush them en masse, and there wouldn’t be enough bullets in the world to stop them. They knew some of the thugs must be armed. They knew many innocents would be seriously injured or killed, and so would they.

Every officer also knew that the second they really started using force, there would be no going back. Everything would escalate, probably out of control, and when they did what they had to do to save their lives…well. Visions of Ferguson and Baltimore flashed through their minds. Every one of them could see themselves on trial for murder and other politically dramatic felonies, their careers over, their families in hiding, ducking death threats. They could see whatever future they planned for themselves going up in smoke. ... -kentucky/

The last-mentioned piece is well worth reading in its entirety for the full flavor of the author's intent. The barbarians are not at the gate; they are long past the gate, living amongst us now and waiting for the littlest excuse to erupt into an orgy of grinning violence and opportunistic looting over the shattered remains of glass doors and windows. You are the only one who can directly, bluntly defend yourself and your family. The cops can only take names later and watch cynically as ambulance attendants cart away the bodies and weary workmen wash away the bloodstains.

Pouring more details into this already overlong post might verge on beating a dead horse, but I feel the need to more clearly define the borders of civilization. Trayvon Martin was a gold-toothed thug who tried to savagely bash out the brains of a nearly helpless, dying man who had perhaps unwisely pushed his luck a little too far in trying to defend the fragile borders of civilization in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon Martin got what was coming to him. Michael Brown was a fat thug who casually used his considerable mass to shove around a much smaller store clerk in Ferguson, Missouri, while simply taking what he wanted, after which he actively tried to seriously injure or kill a cop who seems to have exercised great restraint before finally opening fire at an imminent threat who had already physically assaulted him and tried to take his firearm. Michael Brown got what was coming to him. Eric Garner seems to have been far from an upstanding citizen, but he did not in any sense deserve to be murdered by cops for selling individual cigarettes on the streets of New York City, and it was indeed depraved murder in the strictest moral sense. Tamir Rice was evidently brazenly pointing what appeared to be a real handgun at several people without provocation during a chaotic rampage on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, before blurring into action with that same handgun when a cop arrived to check out reports of a imminent threat to public safety. The death of Tamir Rice may in the final analysis be a tragedy, but common sense dictates not acting like a dangerous lunatic with an Airsoft replica tricked out to look like a real firearm. The cop in that case appears to have acted as he did with very little time to evaluate what looked like a deadly threat to his own life and safety.

If I'd been on a grand jury in any of these cases other than the Eric Garner case and assuming that publicly reported details were correct, I would have similarly declined to vote for indictment. I won't bother to add more commentary on other recent cases that have been fodder for the intensely hypocritical and misnamed "Black Lives Matter" rabble-rousing group. ... ming-next/

BTW, I'd not been certain where to place this post on the board, but the primary reference is a news item that makes points about the uses and limitations of firearms for self defense, so there it lies in the scheme of things.
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Re: Cops, Thuggery and the Thin Blue Line

Postby bumpylight » Wed 20 Jan 2016 12:30 pm

It seems only fair to include another viewpoint that I saw today at National Review: ... 2015-facts
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