Seattle man thwarts axe attack with CC weapon

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Seattle man thwarts axe attack with CC weapon

Postby gravedancer » Mon 14 Mar 2016 11:14 am ... index.html

Heres one for the gun control crowd. If washington state had strict(er) gun control laws, not only would it have not prevented this attack, it would have prevented the good outcome.

Man went into a 7-11 with an axe and starts swinging it at customers and the clerk. Unfortunately for the perp, one of the customers he took a swing at was a permit holder who was lawfully carrying at the time. The LAC responded to deadly force in kind, and the encounter ends with the perp dead at the seen, and one good guy (the clerk) with minor wounds from the axe attack and nothing else.
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Re: Seattle man thwarts axe attack with CC weapon

Postby bltdonahue » Mon 14 Mar 2016 12:16 pm

Seattle recently enacted a gun tax to help "offset the costs of gun violence" in the city.

Those geniuses should have enacted an idiot tax, and an axe tax.
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Re: Seattle man thwarts axe attack with CC weapon

Postby bumpylight » Mon 14 Mar 2016 12:18 pm

The only way the outcome of this deadly encounter could have been better is if the shot had splattered lethal bone shards into the brainpans of every single member of a group of "youths" following the initial thug into the store in search of "funsies," instantly dropping them dead in their tracks as well.

No, seriously, I'm happy that no one else was hurt. From the news account, the righteous shooter saved the clerk from more serious injury or even death *and* saved taxpayers all but the cost of a quick cremation and some paperwork.
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Re: Seattle man thwarts axe attack with CC weapon

Postby quychang » Mon 14 Mar 2016 7:20 pm

This couldn't possibly have happened. Obviously the man was just carrying his handy axe and it slipped. In an effort to keep from dropping it, he accidental swung and hit someone with it. From there, it was all nerves. Axes aren't dangerous weapons, and no one in their right mind would shoot someone carrying one.

Saracasm off. The worst article I read on the subject talked about how the shooter should have shot to injure, and not kill. Or waited for the police. And of course the police are not taught to shoot for center mass....ok..sarcasm off again...

Even when someone does the right thing, 8 out of 10 anti gunners will find some nit to pick, the biggest one being the shoot to kill thing, that I saw several places.

It makes me more than a little crazy when I read stuff like that. but, we do what we have to do, and you won't catch me trying to shoot the axe out of his hand.

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