Media Accountability - What a Concept!!!

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Media Accountability - What a Concept!!!

Postby AlanM » Wed 28 Jun 2017 11:11 pm

Ermaguard! An editor ACTUALLY, publically, tries to set the record straight.

How news organizations, including this one, unintentionally misinformed the public on guns

Steve Doud, a subscriber from Plano, emailed me to say he’d read something in the June 21 Dallas Morning News that couldn’t possibly be true.
An eight-paragraph Washington Post article on page 10A reported on a national study about kids and guns. The last sentence said 4.2 percent of American kids have witnessed a shooting in the past year.
“Really?” Doud wrote. “Does it really sound believable that one kid out of every 24 has witnessed a shooting in the last year? I think not, unless it was on TV, in a movie, or in a video game. In that case it would probably be more like 100 percent.”
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Re: Media Accountability - What a Concept!!!

Postby Snurd » Thu 29 Jun 2017 3:10 pm

We must not have the full story. We should wait for more details. :lol2:

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Re: Media Accountability - What a Concept!!!

Postby manithree » Thu 29 Jun 2017 6:22 pm

But he's still trying to perpetuate the myth of objective media. There never has been such a thing, and there probably never will be. Pretending that such a thing exists or can is just ridiculous IMO.

If a journalist read a statistic that 90% of socialists die hungry and poor, I guarantee they would dig deeper and see if they could debunk it, or they would ignore it. But if it fits with the progressive ideals (90% of Mexican guns come from US gun dealers, 93 million gun deaths every year, etc.) it spreads like wildfire without a second glance.
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Re: Media Accountability - What a Concept!!!

Postby DaKnife » Fri 30 Jun 2017 1:07 am

To be honest the 93 million gun deaths bit was mostly carried by the media as laughing at the error. It was spread more by the Pro-gun folks like us sharing the joke.

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