Work Sharp Review

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Work Sharp Review

Postby My Trigger Guard » Tue 17 Apr 2012 3:23 pm

I was torn between the knives section and accessory reviews I felt it fell under knives more, move it if need be.

Anyhoot I purchased a Work Sharp, sharpening kit. Seems to work rather well and fast, 70 bucks in total and it takes most the errors out of sharpening and it speeds it up. Seems to work really well but I havent had it long. Figured I would post up for others feedback on the product and hopefully encourage others to pony up for it being that most stone kits are about equal the cost if not more.

I took a pig last weekend and I had to sharpen my knife once about 1/2 of the way through the entire process of gutting, skinning, quarting then knocking it down to proper portions for serving. Took me about 6 hours in total and a really sharp knife made all the difference.

I like it becuase I do not want to spend 30 mins a knife on stones and or trying to learn how to do it properly and perhaps fail at it. I sharpened 6 knifes in roughly 20 mins, no errors and I tend to think its fairly sharp. I even repaired a knife that the tip got bent like a fish hook when I took a two foot catfish by hand, dove on it with my knife and went through to rock. Totally just grinded it off and reshaped it and you cold never tell it lost length and is again nice and sharp.

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Re: Work Spark Review

Postby gunsrg8t » Tue 17 Apr 2012 9:36 pm

I have Work Sharp knife sharpener and really like it. It is a belt knife sharpening kit.
Uses a progression of 4 belt grits to sharpen you knife. From 80 grit up to some kinda 1000 grit or some such.
For sharpening your everyday using knives it is the best. It is even good for your show knives.
Really quick to sharpen a knife just before you you leave or when you get home after dulling your blade all day.
Be sure to send in the registration to get your extra free belts.
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