Raven Concealment Holster

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Raven Concealment Holster

Postby Durdenz » Sat 25 Oct 2014 2:39 am

Got a new home for my S&W 9mm. I wanted a holster that could be either IWB or OWB depending on the type of training and mode of carry I choose to use that day. I also wanted one that would let me leave the light attached all the time. I looked around and read a few reviews and found Raven Concealment. The holster I ordered is the phantom light compatible. The holster can be changed from OWB to IWB to IWB with wings to spread out the weight, it switches out easily with a few screws and hardware swap. I ordered it with the tuckable IWB 1.75" belt loops and full sweat shield. It has a really nice finish. All the edges are polished up and smooth. The tension is just a touch tight but I'm sure it will loosen up over time. The hardware I have isn't kydex it's all abs plastic. The clearance for the light is large enough that if I don't pull straight out it will still clear. One nitpick is I wish the sweat shield was a bit higher and curved over the back of the pistol just a hair. I notice if I sit for long periods of time and then stand up I get a little love handle pinch. Also I really like having it roll over the back just a little so that it's not only tension holding the firearm in. Overall I'm very happy with the holster and it should last a good long time.


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Re: Raven Concealment Holster

Postby jfwright1955 » Sat 25 Oct 2014 8:04 am

I've used Raven Concealment Systems holsters and mag carriers for years for my M&P full-size (with and without a light) and Shields. They're rugged and hold up well over time. You'll be happy with your decision.

I tried one with the full body shield once and didn't like it for the same reason you mentioned so the rest of mine have the short body shield, which is much more comfortable. I don't even notice it after wearing it all day moving around, sitting, driving, etc. The gun and mag's stay firmly in place during training as well.
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