Eidolon Raven concealment holster

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Eidolon Raven concealment holster

Postby ericcris10sen » Sun 24 Jul 2016 10:04 pm

Just bought this holster off of Let Go lol They have a lot of high reviews so I went for it. It's definitely an appendix holster. From what I've tried, there's no way to carry it on the hip unfortunately without A LOT of printing. I tried it on the appendix and it's strange having it there and it KIND of prints with my Glock 19, but unless you're looking really hard, you won't notice. So I'm going into town tomorrow and I'm going to see how I like it and how I like appendix carrying. Sitting down isn't very comfortable and even though I'm confident with the glock's safety features, I still feel like if that thing went off, well....bye bye private parks Lmao.
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Re: Eidolon Raven concealment holster

Postby CQBMarine » Sat 30 Jul 2016 8:40 pm

Was it the full kit or just the barebones holster? I've been looking into this holster for a while now. The appendix setup has the rubber pad and belt claw whereas the full kit has leather wings to come off the holster to clips for the belt. You can always purchase the addition gear to move it for appendix to 3 o'clock/ 4/5 o'clock positions.

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Re: Eidolon Raven concealment holster

Postby Aad Geordie » Sun 31 Jul 2016 8:14 am

I too am intrigued by this holster—I especially like the idea of the belt claw for AIWB.
Now, if only they'd expand their models for something other than Glock! I don't hold out a lot of hope for the near future—my instinct, from the tone of their web site, is that they are less interested in the civilian market and more going after the LEO/government segment. I hope I'm wrong.

They don't offer any custom work, don't have many mold models and make a point of stating that they are not FFL holders so one cannot send them a gun on which to model. However, I am wondering if they might work from a customer-supplied mold model. A mold can be had for under $50.

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