Crossbreed Appendix Carry and Freedom Carry Holsters

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Crossbreed Appendix Carry and Freedom Carry Holsters

Postby D-FIN » Mon 19 Sep 2016 4:43 pm

I have been looking for a new holster for while do some wear on my current one by the front sight. I have been playing around with appendix carry because I really like the idea of being able to reach my gun with my off hand if needed. It is slightly less concealable that my usual 4 o'clock position but is manageable. I have looked at many different holsters and finally decide that I like the Crossbreed appendix carry so went ahead and ordered one for my Glock 26.

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Unfortunately it really fell short of what I had hoped it would be. The holster it self is well made and of good quality however the with my body and the weight of the gun, the single clip mounted on the forward side of the holster was not enough to keep the gun in place like I wanted. When moving it would sag and the grip would slip below my belt line. I just could not count on it being where I expected it to be when I went to draw and that was unacceptable. I do have a good Hanks gunboat so it was not the belt

I called and talked to Crossbreed and they were great decided to an exchange for the Freedom carry which is very similar but has the clip on the other side. The thinking was that that grip and weight of the magazine would less of challenge with the clip on that side.

Freedom.jpg (16.08 KiB) Viewed 1741 times

This also fell very short of expectations and was actually worse than the Appendix carry for me but saying in the opposite direction. Crossbreed has been great and honored their satisfaction policy. The second holster is on its way back to them I fully expect the refund to hit my account in a reasonable time. Even though neither of theses worked for me I fully believe crossbreed to be a great company when it comes to standing behind their product and keeping the customer happy.

I do think either these may work great fora smaller gun maybe smaller single stack or some of the little .380 models but I would stay away from it with any double stack.

I do have another holster on the way from We will see how it works and do another review on it later.
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Re: Crossbreed Appendix Carry and Freedom Carry Holsters

Postby Snurd » Mon 19 Sep 2016 5:15 pm

I had the same experience with Crossbreed appendix carry. I bought one for the G19 and it was really uncomfortable. My wife decided she wanted the holster, so we ended up keeping it.

I've tried two or three appendix holsters and it's just not for me. I doubt I'll try another one.

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Re: Crossbreed Appendix Carry and Freedom Carry Holsters

Postby Dmc » Mon 19 Sep 2016 8:26 pm

I was looking at a crossbreed but many of the reviews were similar in that they did not hold the gun in place very well. I have a Galco appendix carry for my m&p 9c that works pretty well but looking for something that will work with the Crimson Trace green trigger guard and there aren't many options, but Crossbreed is one that does. Thanks for the review. Sounds like I need to keep looking.


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