Great EDC lights from Convoy

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Great EDC lights from Convoy

Postby manithree » Sat 22 Oct 2016 12:57 pm

Looking for a really high quality EDC flashlight that's extremely inexpensive, and much higher quality than it seems like it could possibly be for the price?

I've been carrying a Convoy S2+ for over 6 months now, and I can't believe what a bargain they are. Here's my current collection:
All3-600.jpg (74.22 KiB) Viewed 1415 times

As you can see, the S2+ is available in 18650 or CR123 (16340). The smaller one, naturally, doesn't have the runtime, but it's really pocketable. You can also buy the tubes separately so you can switch one light to either battery size.

You'll notice that the center light has some nicks in the finish on both ends. That brings up 2 of the reasons why I like these lights and have a lot of confidence in them.

First, if you have an occasional need for strobe, say, biking, but don't like the hassle of always having 5 modes to flip through to get to the one you want, you'll love the dual modes on the S2+. For every-day carry, I leave it in its 3-mode setting, with just lo, med, and hi available. But when I get on my bike, I switch it 5-mode so I can use strobe if I want to. Very handy.

The damage to the middle light came from that one getting knocked off my handlebars and hitting hard on the concrete. I was probably going 20 mph. Obviously, it wasn't unscathed, but it didn't even change the mode on the light from a pretty serious impact. And it still works just fine. I don't use that mount any more. I have P60-compatible Chinese lights that change mode when I hop a curb, or just hit a little bump. The Convoys are a major step up from those in just about every way, except price.

I find that even the larger S2+ is easier to carry than the cheapo P60's like a WF-501b. The Convoy is shorter, and has a smaller head. That does seem to affect the throw. The S2+ is a better floodlight than a spotlight, but that generally works out better for my daily use of a torch.

My son has a warm-tinted S2+ that I got for him to use in his machining classes. His and my two gray ones came from

The new blue one just came this week (yeah, I have a problem) from That added a couple of dollars to the price, but they shipped from Utah, and got here in a couple of days. Apparently the owner of mtnelectronics is very good to work with, even if you're building or modding.

It looks like mtnelectronics sells the best of the Chinese stuff, and culls the crap. Having wasted money on a crappy light or two, I appreciate that. I don't own everything he sells, but almost all of them are highly praised on flashlight forums. I think I'm done ordering lights from China or

So if you're looking for a sub-$20 flashlight that feels, looks, and acts like a much more expensive one, you might want to check out the Convoys, especially the S2+ at mtnelctronics.

Disclaimer: I have never owned a Streamlight or Surefire (or even a Fenix or Olight). But I have fondled them before.

ETA: I almost forgot.

Some colors of the Convoy S2+ (and, apparently, all the counterfeits) have standard rubber cover over the switch. Others have the metal-only switch, which I prefer:
Switches.jpg (112.72 KiB) Viewed 1422 times
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