Open Carry by an On Duty Range Officer - Safe or Unsafe?

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Re: Open Carry by an On Duty Range Officer - Safe or Unsafe?

Postby dewittdj » Sat 09 May 2015 8:19 pm

BTW, WSA is in the process of amending their RO Handbook to allow on duty ROs to OC.

Open Carry-
We are changing the RO handbook to make it legal for Range Officers to open carry their handgun on the public range. If you are carrying, please use a holster that has positive retention. We do not want any firearms hitting the ground while you are on duty.

The public is still under the same policy of no open carry. If someone arrives with a handgun openly displayed on them, ask them to remove it, and place it on the table. If this is during a cease fire, please wait until after the range is hot before asking them to do this.

Law Enforcement is an exception if they are displaying a badge.
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Re: Open Carry by an On Duty Range Officer - Safe or Unsafe?

Postby UCChris » Sat 16 May 2015 2:49 pm

bagpiper wrote:We've all kind of turned a blind eye to school district policies that require employees to keep firearms concealed. I believe those policies are also against State law but:
1-I don't think I can win that battle politically;
2-I've got higher priorities;
3-I'm not convinced that requiring teachers to keep guns concealed in a classroom setting is a terrible idea.


I work for the Alpine school district. Since I am 19, I am carrying under the authority of a Maine permit. Therefore, I cannot carry at work, per Federal law. However, if I were to be allowed to carry, I would conceal 100% of the time. Whereas, I have no problem OC'ing, CC'ing, or CCC'ing anywhere else, I do think concealed is probably best by school employees.
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