Anybody got stats on open carriers being shot?

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Anybody got stats on open carriers being shot?

Postby AlanM » Wed 13 Apr 2016 4:19 pm

I just came across this article:
OPEN CARRY: People Are FLIPPING Out Over This VIRAL Pic (Does It Bother YOU?)

I assume that it's due to the venue that most of the comments are positive but one thing that keeps coming up in those comments is the statement that they feel that if anything untoward were to happen the open carrier would be the first person shot.

Can anyone provide any statistics to validate this opinion?

Has anybody noticed ANY stories of open carriers being shot during an altercation or robbery?
I mean BEFORE they drew their weapon.

BTW - I open carry every time I leave the house, everywhere I legally can (which in this part of Virginia is pretty much everywhere).
That includes my doctor's office (which isn't in a hospital).
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Re: Anybody got stats on open carriers being shot?

Postby ingfam03 » Wed 13 Apr 2016 6:23 pm

Alan, that's a great question, i have heard that a lot. I hope someone will have some numbers on that.
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Re: Anybody got stats on open carriers being shot?

Postby MarshallDodge » Fri 15 Apr 2016 10:40 am

I have not seen any instances of them being shot but there have been a couple of times they have had their guns stolen from them.
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Re: Anybody got stats on open carriers being shot?

Postby bagpiper » Fri 15 Apr 2016 12:01 pm

I doubt such stats exist. And by definition, examples would be outliers anyway.

We have such a small sample size to deal with I'm not at all sure we could eliminate all the other influencing factors.

I will assert that fewer than 5% of the non-police, non-criminal adult population carries guns on any regular basis.

Utah has a very pro-RKBA culture. We have one of, if not the highest per capita rate of carry permits in the nation. Fully 10% of our adult have permits to carry. (Non resident Utah permits are above and beyond this number.) My personal experience is that half or more of all permit holders rarely if ever actually carry. They got the permit as a political statement, or to be 100% covered when transporting guns to the range, or to be able to carry a personal defense arm while bow hunting, or to carry a gun while camping or backpacking, or similar, fairly rare events.

Of those who do carry, only a small portion OC. Among those of us do OC on some semi-regular basis, a lot of us can't carry to work and so only OC a tiny fraction of our total waking hours.

And my experience OCing is that most non-LEOs never notice a gun OCd by someone not in uniform.

In 15+ years on this forum, the now defunct, and OCDO, I'm not sure I've seen more than a single, confirmed case of an actual OCer being robbed of his gun or otherwise targeted by a bad guy. One case that purported to be a robbery looked like either it was staged, or the guy was OCing an unloaded gun for the first time ever.

Some assert that a bad guy will go out of his way to avoid an armed citizen. And I think he will if he notices the armed citizen which he might if he is looking to target a lone victim on a street. I doubt many criminals survey an entire room carefully before deciding to burst in and hold up the convenience store or bank, shoot up a work party, etc.

Lots of things MIGHT or COULD happen. A rational or logical sounding case can be made for almost anything.

But sometimes practice is different than theory.

When I OC I do so mostly because it is a lot easier and cheaper to find a comfortable OWB holster for my full sized 1911, than it is to find a concealed holster that works well; and I don't like to have to buy clothing to fit around a good concealed carry rig when I spend most of waking hours in an office where I can carry anyway.

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Re: Anybody got stats on open carriers being shot?

Postby quychang » Fri 15 Apr 2016 7:36 pm

I'll echo what Charles has said and add that IF I open carry it will be one of my 1911's though I do have a reasonably comfortable concealed option for my ECO. But I'm probably doing it to make a political statement. Yes, I blatantly open carry when I go to vote. Oh, not every time, but most of the time. I think it's good for people to see us fulfilling an obligation of citizenship while equally blatantly displaying our support for a constitutional right. Many people actually view the second amendment as not just a right, but as an obligation of citizenship. But whether they are shocked by it, or indifferent to it, a lot if not all people notice a 1911 with white grips (not ivory) with an inset black mother of pearl Spartan helmet. It's out of the ordinary and does draw some attention. Good, I wouldn't open carrying if I didn't want to draw that attention. In fact, I'm occasionally disappointed by the lack of comments. Though if no one has so far noticed, my placing my "I voted sticker" on the holster usually does the trick.

I'm also extremely aware of my surroundings when open carrying, and rarely let someone get into a position where they might be able to steal my gun. I also open carry occasionally if camping in UT. Those times are for protection as we usually dry camp, away from civilization and there's little reason to conceal.

I haven't seen any stats that lead me to believe OC is any more dangerous to the carrier than CC, and if I did, I'd be a little suspicious of the source and how the data was obtained.

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Re: Anybody got stats on open carriers being shot?

Postby J_dazzle23 » Sat 16 Apr 2016 1:35 pm

I think there is a supposed reward for anyone that actually has this happen to them over at Not sure it's ever been paid out in the history of the forum

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