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Open Carrying

Postby ericcris10sen » Mon 27 Jun 2016 2:56 pm

Hi, I just want to ask a quick question first. The law hasn't changed that you can OC with a loaded firearm as long as you have a CCW permit right? I haven't been OC'ing because I always thought you couldn't unless you had a different kind of permit.

Sooo, I want to start OC'ing more, but why the heck does it feel SO uncomfortable? I grew up in communist california where you're practically a criminal for having a gun (lol joke-ish) but joined the mil and became a MP. I thought I would feel comfortable OC'ing as a civi since when I was in, I of course OC'd with a Beretta M9 as well as a little more firepower every day I worked; but I don't. It just feels....strange. Maybe I was comfortable because I was a MP and was working. Maybe because I felt comfortable in that setting. I don't really know honestly. Those of you who were uncomfortable OC'ing in the beginning, how long did it take you to get used to it? Did you do anything to help relieve yourself from the uncomfortable feeling other than telling yourself, "Suck it up nancy, just do it!"? Any tips? ... AuWH8P8HAQ

^This is the type of retention holster that I use for my Glock 19 (going to get a new holster for my newish firearm the Thunder 40 Pro to see how it feels. Just a lot heavier than my Glock lol)

Reason I want to start OC'ing is even though I don't feel super comfortable right now, and even though BOTH ways of carrying are effective in their own ways, I feel like if it hits the fan, I might mess up and not be able to grab my shirt, lift it up and bring it out in time, or maybe I grab for my gun and get my shirt caught or something. I'm going to continue CC'ing, but I want to start OC'ing as well.
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Re: Open Carrying

Postby James » Wed 07 Sep 2016 9:07 am

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Re: Open Carrying

Postby Snurd » Wed 07 Sep 2016 10:35 am

James wrote:I am a vendor at the local Farmer's Market. Every Saturday I set up a table then sit there for the next four hours and watch people walk by. Last week I saw two people packing guns, who didn't seem to be police. So there are some packing openly. No, I did not hear anyone screaming, "Man with a gun!" No one seemed to care. In this area at least its not a big deal. Most people have guns in their homes, and children get gun safety training from a very young age.

Hey, just strap it on and go for it. What you want to do is put your gun on and then go for a stroll through the local Walmart store. :D

Why didn't you scream. That's scary. :shock: Not.

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Re: Open Carrying

Postby D-FIN » Fri 09 Sep 2016 12:48 pm

I think in Utah you will find few who will notice or say anything. If someone does I wouldn't get sucked into any arguments with them. Just excuse yourself and be polight. If they become nasty and aggressive only make them look bad if and when the police come. Just be plight to the cops and they will quickly see who the real problem is. I'm sure you know all this. If your asked to leave business then do so.
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Re: Open Carrying

Postby mljdeckard » Sun 19 Mar 2017 12:10 pm

After years of going back and forth and considering various factors, I have settled on OC when doing "outdoor things in outdoor places with outdoor people".

No, we shouldn'the have to hide or be ashamed. But at the same time, we must acknowledge that much of the reason we have such good gun laws is that most people are completely oblivious to the situation. The last thing I want to do is to give people a reason to complain when they didn'the already have one.

So, if I am out riding my ATV by Delta, I will OC. If my anti-gun SIL shows up, I will conceal. I don'the see any positive results coming from warming up the snowflakes in the coffee shops on 400 so. In SLC by open-carrying past them.
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Re: Open Carrying

Postby tapehoser » Mon 20 Mar 2017 12:18 pm


If I am hiking or camping in the backcountry, I will open carry.

In the city doing normal stuff, I am concealed.
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Re: Open Carrying

Postby bagpiper » Mon 20 Mar 2017 3:03 pm

My manner of carry depends mostly on what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. On a few, rare occasions, I will consider others' feelings in deciding how to carry.

Where legal, I generally carry. Where it is not legal, I do not carry. Period.

My favored mode of carry is an OWB holster for my full-sized 1911. In the cooler months, this results in casually concealed carry. In warm months, it results in OC as I'm not going to dress around a gun.

When I shop at Costco, I will CC as they have a no guns policy. I don't boycott because what I gain from shopping there is way more than what they lose if I don't. I'm not going to change their policy, but under State laws (firearms and commercial trespass), their policy has no force of law and my discrete possession of a gun is not their business.

For certain social events, I will consider on the feelings of family members or friends. Many weddings and receptions I attend are held in places where I cannot legally carry. Most all of them expect something like "Sunday Dress" where my OC gun would be out of place. In such cases, I CC where legal.

As far as being out in public, I just don't care what the snowflakes or liberals think or how they feel (about my legally carried firearm, or generally). I OC to make a statement only a couple of times a year: Elections and Independence Day. Otherwise, I carry as I do for maximum comfort and convenience while carrying.

I do my level best to be polite and pleasant, and so no rational person would have any reason to be fearful of me. Most never notice my gun even when fully OC'd, much less when casually concealed. But if they notice, and want to take offense, or be scared, or whatever else, that is their problem, not mine. Though I might give props for them having enough SA to notice the gun, I don't much care if they don't like it.

I have no intention of climbing into the closet recently vacated by the various sexual minorities.

Nobody worries about my feelings when it comes to two dudes holding hands, or someone wearing a vulgar T-shirt, dressing like low-cost hookers, or even violent protests in the wake of election results that upset the snowflakes. There are those who think the only purpose of the 1st amendment is to be as offensive as possible toward political majorities, the religiously inclined, or even those of any decency at all. And yet, we are expected to respect their rights. Well, they get to deal with me peacefully exercising my rights as well.

I don't care to offend anyone. But I'm not going to hide who I am nor the lawful exercise of my rights over the phobias of total strangers. For close friends and family, I sometimes consider feelings and relationships when deciding how to carry. Not so much for total strangers when it comes to my handguns.

I do take into account the majority views of citizens when it comes to long gun carry and so I do not encourage long gun OC as I think it harms our ability to protect and advance our RKBA.

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Re: Open Carrying

Postby Infrared Sight » Wed 22 Mar 2017 3:11 pm

I always conceal in the city unless I have to gas up before I head out to mountain bike. I always open carry when mountain biking. It's just too sweaty for the gun to conceal. I've stopped by a couple grocery stores when I've forgotten some snacks on the way to mountain biking, but other than that, I always conceal.
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