Incident at Walgreen's

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Re: Incident at Walgreen's

Postby Scott » Fri 05 Mar 2010 12:35 pm

Over and over and over again......

All these types of incidents could be avoided if the dispatch and 911 operators received some common sense direction and training. When they get a MWAG call they should follow a created script that in essence covers points such as 1. Is the MWAG threatening anyone? 2. Is the gun in his holster? 3. Did the gun ever come out of his holster? Etc., etc. Then they can conclude by telling the caller the MWAG is not breaking any Utah laws and the caller is therefore unnecessarily tying up an emergency line. Then they can conclude with -- "Please do not call and expect a law enforcement agency to misuse its precious resources and respond to a completely legal and benign situation just because 'guns make you nervous'".

Of course the script could be created that made the point with a little more tact although there are some callers who really should hear the direct version.

Really, how would I be treated if I called 911 and reported a MWBPAGB (man with baggie pants and gang bandana) and expected an LEO to respond "just because" I called? And then if an LEO did show up, how good does his organization look because they "have to respond to a citizen's call and report?" Oh yea, now let the responding officer threaten to tase or shoot the MWBPGB. It's all mixed up and everyone just needs some common sense all the way back to the dispatch and 911 operators.
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Re: Incident at Walgreen's

Postby Cabinetmaker » Sat 06 Mar 2010 8:39 pm

I am not worried about the gang banger call. Its the balding 30 year old with 2 kids at Mcdonalds call that worries me. :ack:
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