Provo is for wimps

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Provo is for wimps

Postby manithree » Mon 04 Jul 2016 1:50 pm

Ok, they were both fun, but it makes a good controversial subject. For the 4th of July, Provo has balloons and a fun run. Orem has machine guns.

Seriously, they were letting anybody who stood in the line fire their machine guns. They're the propane(?) operated ones, but they still looked and sounded cool:

This table had a CMP M1 Garand, an M1 Carbine, Mauser K98, 1903A3, Arisaka Type 99, an AO Tommy gun repro, and the guy manning the booth was open carrying his classic GI 1911:

My son tells me this is an MG34. And you can see it's on a classic BMW:

Plus there were hundreds of amazingmuzzle loaders, a cannon, a candy cannon, Tommy guns, M1919s, Mosins, WWII certified 1911s, and lots of other stuff I can't even remember.

The balloons were cool, but colonial days was a lot more fun for me and my gun nut progeny.
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