MVHS Stabbing

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MVHS Stabbing

Postby manithree » Tue 22 Nov 2016 4:19 pm

I almost put this in "Guns in the News" but since guns are only mentioned in the comments, I figured it belonged here.

You've probably heard about the mass stabbing at Mountain View High School in Orem. Here's the Daily Herald's latest article about that:

The first comment (the only one when I first read the article) made me want to throw up. Or punch somebody.

Fred Jones
Gosh, what with Utah`s love affair with guns, one would think he would have brought a firearm, rather than a knife, and could have inflicted many deaths, rather than just nasty injuries.

Appalling, disgusting, and other words against the rules here. But anti-gun people never politicize violence or wave the proverbial bloody shirt.

I have 2 nephews at MVHS (neither were attacked), but I can't imagine what the parents of the boys who were attacked would think if they read that unbelievably insensitive and uneducated comment.
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