We were warned over 70 years ago.

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We were warned over 70 years ago.

Postby AlanM » Thu 06 Jul 2017 12:10 pm

I find it interesting that whoever posted this on Youtube calls it "propaganda".

Nine and a half minute video: Animated American Anti-Communism Propaganda
Note where the snake oil salesman tells the legislator he can vote his own pay increases.

I was born about the time this short film was produced.
My father was in the USAF and did a tour of duty in Germany during the Berlin Airlift.
I remember seeing, on TV, the Berlin Wall being erected (and, of course, torn down).
When in high school we learned about Berliners "voting with their feet".

In the '80s I stood in West German near a sign warning me (in three languages) not to try to cross the open free fire zone to the east because to try was fatal. It was probably a minefield and there were concrete gun towers visible about every few hundred meters.

Today's "ism" de jur: socialISM or, if you prefer progressivISM
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