Should we be pro-cop?

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Should we be pro-cop?

Postby BLKWJ » Wed 18 Apr 2018 3:26 am

Now before I start this, I want to clarify. I in no way, shape or form think we should be marching down the street saying things like, "Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon". My opinion of law enforcement is also a generalization. I dont deny that. I am putting people all under the same blanket. Now with that said...

I saw a "Molon Labe" decal on a car, right next to a "Back the Blue" decal. That got me thinking. Many 2A supports also "back the blue" and such. Which they are more than welcome to. I believe individuals should make individual choices how they see fit. But I also see a conflict of interest there. Should anti-gun legislation arise and pass, is it not LEO who enforce and arrest people on asinine laws? Is it not LEO's who detain, disarm, and harass law abiding gun owners all over the country? How many times around the nation have we seen law enforcement agencies have a desire for gun control, but not for them? How many times have we seen law enforcement agencies speak against constitutional carry? Even the old SLC Chief Burbank was very pro-gun control.

Often times when dealing civilians, they are aggressive and down right (censor)holes. They justify this by saying, "I dont know who I am dealing with. I dont know if you are a good guy, or a bad guy.". Should we use that same principal. Resist and non-comply (lawfully) until we know that officer isn't a bad one? Should we give them all the benefit of the doubt? I personally know a conceal carry permit holder, who got pulled over. Did the polite thing (not legally required) and notified the officer he was carrying. The officer not only disarmed him, but disassembled the gun, carrying the barrel around with him until he left. I find this incredibly insulting, especially because permit holders are the most law abiding demographic there is... Period. Even when you include law enforcement.
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