Composite NRA Muzzleloading Course

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Composite NRA Muzzleloading Course

Postby dewittdj » Wed 28 Oct 2015 4:59 pm

The NRA recently changed the Muzzleloading disciplines from separate disciplines to a combined, single Muzzleloading discipline.

In the past, you could be a ML Pistol, or ML Rifle, or ML Shotgun instructor. Now they are combining the disciplines into a single ML discipline.

To qualify for the ML discipline as instructor, you will need to take the prequalification tests (written and live fire exercise) for those ML disciplines that you do NOT possess and pass with at least the minimum requirements.

Failure to do so by June of 2016 will result in the loss of your current ML certification.

I have obtained the ML instructor discipline as well as recently completed the TCDW and can now teach and administer the prequalification tests for those wishing to "upgrade" from their current individual rating(s) to the Muzzleloading rating.

My intent is to offer this at a minimal cost to the UCC members and get those NRA instructors lacking some of the individual ML disciplines certified before the deadline.

Earliest date would be the first weekend or two of December.

Anyone interested? :raisedbrow:
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