Active Shootings Are Just This Fast

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Active Shootings Are Just This Fast

Postby jfwright1955 » Tue 09 Feb 2016 12:30 pm

This is a fairly good article asking the fundamental question of, "how do you think you'd respond in the event of a so-called 'active shooter' situation"? It encourages going beyond paper-punching exercises at the range by weaving in force-on-force, simulator, or other similar activity-based training.

We get more and more proficient with the use of a firearm, but just being able to run the gun isn’t enough,” explained Cowan. “You need to understand when to use the gun, how to best employ the gun and then factoring in a 360-degree environment working in a real-life situation where you don’t have a convenient berm or backdrop. You’re not against a paper target. You’re actually dealing with human beings.

Active Shootings Are Just This Fast

Participating in force-on-force using airsoft pistols can be a real eye-opener as to just how much takes place in under 5 seconds typical of most gun fights. Scenarios often include a mix of adversaries and friendlies so as to force you into figuring out who's who within adrenalin-pumping milliseconds.
No one should make decisions for us when it comes to guns and gun carry. If we do things we're not comfortable with because someone told us it's 'right' it becomes a distraction in an event where clarity and simplicity is needed.
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