Mossberg MVP Predator 5.56 Review

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Mossberg MVP Predator 5.56 Review

Postby MarshallDodge » Sat 05 Jul 2014 10:27 am

I picked this rifle up about a month ago as I was looking for something to practice/train bolt action shooting at a lower cost. While at SHOT 2014, I handled one and was impressed by the features. This one was was sitting lonely on a pawn shop shelf and needed a home. :D

This is the 18.5" version with the fluted barrel. Shown with a Vortex 4-16 HS-T scope.

What I have found after shooting this rifle for 177 rounds so far-

  • Comfortable stock with good buttpad.
  • Action/Controls are similar to Remington 700 which are the other rifles that I own. This is good for me to keep consistent.
  • Removable magazine. This is a feature typically found on higher priced rifles and they figured out a way to make a bolt action work with standard AR-15 magazines, another way to reduce cost.
  • Chambered for 5.56 ammo allows for shooting the hotter 5.56 ammo as well as 223. I have not tried to shoot military ammo in the rifle.
  • Accuracy is exceptional for a rifle in this price range and has exceeded my expectations so far. My example is a sample of one but other reviews I have seen are similar.

  • I like a nice crisp trigger on my rifles and whenever I see marketing put a label on something- LBA or Lightening Bolt action Adjustable- it makes you wonder if they are trying to polish a turd. You see I don't necessarily have to have a light trigger on my rifle but like I said, crisp is good, creep is bad. The LBA on my rifle is creepy and while the weight of pull is adjustable, the sear engagement is not. Jard makes a replacement but I will probably leave this one as-is for now.
  • Action is clunky for lack of a better word. I guess I am a bit spoiled by Remingtons but I think they could have done a little better job in this area as it makes it difficult to run the bolt fast.
  • Plastic trigger guard. While torquing one of the action screws using a screwdriver, I already see a small crack forming in the plastic around the screw. My guess is that Mossberg will take care of this but this is a weak point on the rifle.
So how does it shoot?

With 55 grain Hornady FMJ reloads, it shot about the same as my free floated AR-15, hovering around 1.5" at 100 yards. Basically a good low cost load that would be fun on a steel plate, etc. Wind can really affect the lighter bullets so I was hoping the 1:9 twist barrel would do well with 68 grain and higher.

With some Hornady 68 BTHP reloads using 2000-MR powder and a calm desert evening, I setup a a steel silhouette that is basically an IPSC "C" zone at 154 yards. Without chrono information, I guesstimated that these would run at about 2900 feet per second, and made up a ballistics chart using Hornady's online calculator. A later chronograph session showed 2802 so I was off quite a bit but not enough to really matter.

Laying in the back of a pickup truck, I would shoot and then Mrs. Dodge would drive me out another 50ish yards and I would shoot again and repeat. We got out to 440 yards before I had to stop because I could no longer see the target due to the landscape. Lower left shots were from Mrs. Dodge joining me with a 22LR at the 154 mark. She was aiming for the head and you can see how much 22LR drops at that range. My shots were scattered fairly vertical (need to work on my drop calculations) but not a single miss all the way out to 440.


Next I tried some Hornady 75 BTHP bullets. Unfortunately I had mixed results with these. Some say they shoot well through their MVP's but my initial findings is that they may not be stabilizing in mine as groups were anywhere from 1-3 inches. More testing to come which means more shooting! 8)

Finally, here is a group that I shot yesterday using 69 grain Barnes Match Burners and Reloder 15.

6 shots at 100 yards, bipod and rear bag-

5 shots at 100 yards, bipod and rear bag-

Measured without the cold bore shot-

While I won't be going out and winning any benchrest competitions with the MVP, I find it to be a fun, budget driven rifle. With the ability to take AR mags and that it shoots lower cost ammo, including military ball, the The MVP is a nice little package overall.
-Seconds count, misses don't-
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Re: Mossberg MVP Predator 5.56 Review

Postby Snurd » Sat 05 Jul 2014 11:11 am

Good review. :thumbsup: Strange that they would go with a plastic trigger guard.

Since it takes AR mags, you could get some Surefire 100 round mags and waste some zombies. :dancing:

That's pretty good shooting with the .22 as well.
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