XDM .45 ACP, 4.5", suppressor ready

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XDM .45 ACP, 4.5", suppressor ready

Postby Snurd » Sun 26 Jul 2015 7:51 am

I did a short review of the 9mm version of this pistol a little while ago. I was able to sell a couple things and was able to get the bucks to buy the .45 version.  :D I bought it from Tooele Shooting Supply, on their warehouse site TSS Warehouse. These guys are really friendly, and have great prices. If you haven't been to their website, or haven't stopped by, check them out.  :thumbsup:

The 4.5" designation is slightly off on this version since it has a threaded barrel. The barrel length is actually 5.28" instead of the normal 4.5".

The .45 version is slightly bigger. A tiny bit longer, and tiny bit wider, 2 oz. heavier. They are the same height, sitting at 6 inches. The 9mm version is 29 oz., and the .45 is 31 oz.

We did some shooting to test it out. A picture or two will be below. Just like the 9mm, it is very accurate. We grabbed some of our playing cards (those that we had not yet shot in half) and set them up at The Armory in Sandy. We were able to shoot a number of them in half, with many giggles breaking the silence. Then we threaded the suppressor on it to test it out. Yup, dang quiet. With the suppressor on it, Mrs. Snurd was able to shoot three cards in half in a row. That's not too shabby.  :dancing:

The trigger on these XDM's is fantastic. It's really smooth, and easy to pull. I also really like how the trigger safety sits flush with the trigger pad when it's pulled. I really wish Glock would figure that one out. That's the main issue I have with Glock. I think their guns are amazing, but the trigger safety design is quite lame.

Seeing how well these XDM and XDS series guns shoot, and how great they feel in my hands, the XDM and XDS series of hand guns have become my favorites. They have pushed Glock to the number 2 spot. I really like the Glocks, a lot, but The XDM's are just better.

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