Judges - To Retain or Not to Retain?

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Judges - To Retain or Not to Retain?

Postby comateux » Tue 11 Oct 2016 5:11 pm

Hi All,
Round about election time I end up spending a lot of time researching 2nd amendment and CCW friendly judges in Utah. e.g. whether to retain or not to retain a specific judge on the ballot.
Instead of simply saving my research from year to year, I investigate each judge all over again to keep a fresh perspective regarding new cases. This year I have not conducted my own research yet, and I will admit I'm looking for a shortcut. Therefore, I'm engaging the members of this forum for their opinions about Utah Judge retention.

Here's link to look up your county --> http://judges.utah.gov

My apologies, if this topic has been covered in another post.

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